Cold Insulation Materials Manufacturers in India

Shriya FRP Industries”, was incorporated in 1992, as a Manufacturer of a wide range of Fibre Glass Dome, Fiber Sheet, FRP Base Plate, Turbo Ventilator, Puf Pipe section and Sheet, Thermocol Pipe Section, Cold Insulation Materials, Cold Insulation Materials etc. We also Wholesale and Trade in Insulation Mat, Ceramic Blanket, Tissue Paper, etc. We are a client based firm holding expertise in this domain for offering premium quality products and services. We select vendors based on their features like reputation for honesty, high product quality and on time delivery.

Under the guidance of our mentor "Mr. Sanjeev Paruthi", we have been able to serve to huge customer base across the world. He has gigantic knowledge of this field that has helped us in catering to the requirements of our respected customers in the most efficient manner. Shriya FRP Industries is one of the best quality Cold Insulation Materials Manufacturers in India, Hot Insulation Materials Manufacturers in India.

Hot Insulation Materials Manufacturers in India

The materials accustomed construct the insulation work to forestall your pipes from warming whereas keeping the heat within the pipe. This helps to chop down on energy bills for your facility, saving you cash within the long haul.

So, what materials square measure used throughout circumstances that need hot insulation? Well, that depends on the supposed purpose of the pipe being insulated. there's a laundry list of materials to settle on from all with completely different functions. Below square measure three common materials:

Puf Pipe Section manufacturers in india

Cray Flex: This material incorporates a high thermal, heat and chemical resistance, whereas still made from high-quality raw materials.

Resin secured Rockwool: utilized in each cold and hot insulation, organic compound secured Rockwool has high thermal, chemical and warmth resistance with unmatched dimensional stability.

Spiral-wrap Fiberglass: this sort of fiberglass is tough to put in however very cheap for your hot insulation desires. It each keeps the contents being transported at the right temperature whereas making certain the surplus heat remains among the piping system.

Insulation Materials Manufacturers in India

The most necessary half concerning choosing a hot insulation material is knowing the most temperature the insulation are covering. parts but 350°F will be coated with off the shelf pre-moulded fiberglass. once parts square measure close to or on top of temperatures of 1000°F, oxide or ceramic insulation is typically needed. it's important to stick to manufactures suggestions once choosing and putting in insulation for decent parts.

Just like hot insulation materials, a number of the materials accustomed turn out cold insulation vary dependent upon the system of pipes they're insulating. Therefore, the materials utilized in either hot or cold insulation square measure obsessed on the customization of the actual piping system. 2 common materials utilized in cold insulation are:

Polyurethane Foam: good for handling low thermal physical phenomenon and substances with below temperature reduction temperatures. polyfoam conjointly permits for low smoke emission and low tide vapour permeableness.


Our products are highly regarded for their distinctive designs and unsurpassable quality and are widely patronized in the market. We take several measures to ensure that the exact requirements of our customers are met in the most cost effective manner.

Following factors have been contributive towards our success:

  • Raising lifestyle standards to the next level by providing next generation entertainment products
  • Distinctive and aesthetic design
  • Elevated quality standards
  • Long-lasting relationships with everyone including customers, employees, channel partners and associates
  • High ethical and fair policies


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