EPS Pipe Insulation

EPS Pipe Insulation Manufacturers in India

Shriya FRP Industries is one of the best quality EPS Pipe Insulation Manufacturers in India. Insulation is one of the most important, cost-effective, energysaving building materials in a home. In fact, without the insulation, some of the other energy-efficient components in a home won’t perform as intended. Insulation is used as a thermal and acoustical solution in the walls, ceilings, floors, and attics of a home or every part of the building envelope. Insulation keeps your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Insulation in a home saves energy and is perhaps the most cost-effective way to lower energy bills. Insulation reduces noise and adds to the quality and comfort of your home. Whether you’re building a new home, renovating a room, cottage, basement, attic or entire home, select an insulation that is ‘installer friendly’ — one that anyone can do safely.


Insulation is used to insulate HVAC ducts and equipment, process piping, industrial equipment, tanks and vessels found in power plants, petrochemical plants, refineries and other industrial applications.These insulation systems are carefully specified to reduce energy costs, enhance process performance, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect personnel, control condensation, reduce noise levels and to maximize a return on investment.Removable insulation is meant to insulate piping systems transporting gas and substances at high temperatures. The materials accustomed construct the insulation work to stop your pipes from heating, whereas keeping the heat within the pipe. This helps to chop down on energy bills for your facility, saving you cash within the long-standing time.So, what materials square measure used throughout circumstances that need hot insulation? Well, that depends on the supposed purpose of the pipe being insulated.

Color Yellow
Thickness 35 mm
Features Durability, Water proof, Dimensional Stability
Width 1065

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