Fiber Glass Wool Manufacturers in India

Shriya FRP Industries is one of the best quality Fiber Glass Wool Manufacturers in India. We can say that Glass wool is a thermal insulation that consists of tangled and versatile glass fibers, that causes it to "package" air, leading to an occasional density that may be varied through compression and binder content. It will be a loose fill material, blown into attics, or, in conjunction with a full of life binder sprayed on the undersurface of structures, sheets, and panels that may be wont to insulate flat surfaces admire wall insulation, ceiling tiles, curtain walls furthermore as ducting. it's conjointly wont to insulate piping and for soundproofing.
Soundproofing is any means that of reducing the instantaneous sound pressure with relevancy a such that sound supply and receptor. There square measure many basic approaches to reducing sound: increasing the space between supply and receiver, victimization noise barriers to replicate or absorb the energy of the sound waves, victimization damping structures admire sound baffles or victimization active antinoise sound generators.
Two distinct soundproofing issues might have to be thought-about once coming up with acoustic treatments - to enhance the sound among an area (See unreverberant chamber), and cut back sound escape to/from adjacent rooms or outdoors. Acoustic quieting, noise mitigation, and noise management will be wont to limit unwanted noise. Thus, we can say that Soundproofing will cut back the transmission of unwanted direct sound waves from the supply to Associate in Nursing involuntary perceiver through the employment of distance and intervening objects within the sound path.

Fibre Glass Wool

Max Withstanding Temperature 195-230 Degree Celsius
Density 12 kg/Cubic m to 64 kg/Cubic m
Thickness 12-100mm
Facing Types FSK, WMP-10, WMP-30, WMP-VR, ASJ 30, BGT and Glass Cloth

We are the prominent company that is engaged in providing high quality range of Fibre Glass Wool. The Fibre glass wool insulation rolls and slabs are available with or without facing and can be used for thermal acoustic insulation. For special application up to 450 degree Celsius, high temperature binder is used. Aluminum foil facing is suitable up to 120 degree Celsius.

Glass Wool

Color Yellow, Silver
Shape Rolls
Thickness 0-20 mm
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Being a customer oriented organization, we are highly engaged in providing a wide range of Glass Wool.

Glass Wool

Color White
Use Various Industrial Applications Like Pipe Insulation, Thermal Fluid Insulation, Cavity Insulation
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Keeping in sync with the latest market norms and policies, we are indulged in providing a high-quality range of Glass Wool.

Insulation Board

Size 1220 x 610, 915 x 610 inch
Thickness 13, 15,20,25mm
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Being one of the trusted organizations in the market, we are engaged in providing a wide range of Insulation Board.

Loose Glass Wool

Max Withstanding Temperature 250C
Packaging Type Box
Material Long Inorganic Glass Fibres
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Being a foremost organization in the industry, we are actively engaged in offering the best quality range of Loose Glass Wool.

Glass Wool Insulation Board

Size 1220 x 610, 915 x 610 inch
Thickness 13, 15,20,25mm
Color Yellow
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With the valuable assistance of skilled team of professionals, we are engaged in offering an extensive range of high quality Glass Wool Insulation Board.