Puf Pipe Section Manufacturers in India

Shriya FRP Industries is one of the best quality Puf Pipe Section Manufacturers in India. We ar providing Rigid chemical element core Insulated Puf Pipe Section for the Cold Chain trade since 2004. The proof of the pliability of Sandwich Panels lies within the varied installations everywhere Bharat accomplished in an exceedingly sort of applications starting from standard Cold Rooms, Communication Shelters, cold warehouses moreover as insulated truck bodies and Clean Rooms.
A) Environment-friendly CFC-free polyfoam of desired and uniform density
B) shut ceil content of over ninetieth
C) glorious dimensional and thermal insulation properties in conjunction with compressive strength this additional dimension makes it a tit construction material offers a large vary of able to APPLY polyfoam core Insulated Pipe Sections and Slabs with Standard Kraft Paper Aluminum foil Bituminised Paper Insulating components with versatile outer layers similar to paper and tin foil area unit used particularly for the thermal insulation {of varied|of varied|of assorted} applications such as: below deck roof and piping insulation for various industries cold deposition and cold stores essential industrial applications wherever maintaining a homogenous temperature is that the would like of the hour In sure cases for higher temperature, special poly-iso cyanurate pipe sections & slabs could also be provided for the asking which might stand up to temperature up to 140oc.

Puf Pipe section

Application Structure Pipe, Gas Pipe
Size 1 inch , 2 inch, 3 inch
Thickness (mm) 25 mm to 100 mm
Material PU

SHRIYA uses CFC Free Material for manufacturing PUF Sheet. PUF sheets are manufactured from standard quality polyurethane system. Rigid polyurethane foams are made with a remarkably strong, yet lightweight, low-density structure that is both dimensionally stable and moisture-resistant with low vapor transmission. This special combination of properties allows us to design thermal insulation products that are self-supporting, can be combined with a wide range of substrates while requiring no additional adhesive, and when combined with the paper materials perform as external weather and moisture barriers. Our company is one of the best quality Puf Pipe Section manufacturers in india