Rockwool slabs manufacturers in india

Rockwool Slabs

Max Withstanding Temperature -50 to + 750 Degree Centi Grade
Application Rockwool Slabs are designed for a wide range at both high and low service temperature
Use It can be used on flat or slightly curved surfaces for thermal and acoustic insulation.
Fibre Melting Point Above 1000 Degree Celsius (1825 Degree Fahrenheit).

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Other details:
The uniformity of fiber distribution, the diameter of fibers, and the fiber lay pattern and bulk density is some special features of Rockwool Resin bonded slab consists of long fine fibers spun from molten natural rocks and bonded with a thermosetting resin slabs have the best combination of thermal insulation, fire protection and sound absorption properties.

It can be used on flat or slightly curved surfaces for thermal and acoustic insulation. They are also suitable for thermal insulation of ducts, large vessels, cavity wall, curtain wall and sandwich panels.

ACOUSTIC PROPERTIES labs provide excellent acoustical and noise reduction Co-efficient. Due to high noise reduction co-efficient, they are used in acoustic insulation work for auditoria, theatres, public place and industrial areas where noise reduction is required

FIRE RESISTANCE Incombustible when tested as per IS : 3144. Complying with BS - 476 Part 4 and ASTM E -136.

COMPRESSION & SOUND ABSORBTION Excellent sound absorption by virtue of its scientific fibre lay pattern which ensures controlled dispersion of air pockets and precise air flow resistance.

FACING Slabs are available with, Reinforced aluminium foil, Kraft paper

MOISTURE RESISTANCE Rockwool Slab are good resistant to vapor, most common salts and chemicals. It is moisture resistant and do not absorb moisture from atmosphere.


  • Incombustible.
  • Good Acoustic Properties.
  • Moisture Resistant.
  • Fire Retardant.
  • Neither cause nor acelerate corrosion.
  • Chemically Inert.
  • Durable and do not sag and settle.
  • Easy to handle and apply.
  • Better Insulation Properties.

Technical Specification:

Standard Dimensions1 X 0.500 & 1.220 X 0.750 M
Density (Kg/M3)48,64,96,144
Group / GradeI,II,III,IV
SpecificationAs per IS:8183
Test MethodAs per IS:3144
Max Service Temperature750°c