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Shriya - Turbo Ventilator

Shriya - Turbo Ventilator

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Shriya - Turbo Ventilator

Shriya - Turbo Ventilator

SHRIYA is the trusted manufacturer of wind driven turbo air ventilators which are widely demanded in the industries where emitance of excessive heat can damage roof sheathing. Our wind ventilator helps ventilate hot emission and replace it with fresh air from outside thereby preserving life of the roof.

SHRIYA-THE GREENWAY, SHRIYA- turbo ventilator works without electricity. It is run on wind power and it works round the clock throughout the year. This system functions and performs with the unlimited energy source namely wind energy, thus saving power for the running cost of exhaust fans, maintenance etc. Wind turbo ventilator doesn't require operating time. It continuously rotates in the wind and removes moisture laden air in winter and hot air in summer

PROVEN TECHNOLOGY ACROSS THE WORLD - We manufacture turbo air ventilator using graded materials that are very much durable and ensure a longer life as well. 840 x 300 - proven the design and fabrication part of this turbo roof ventilator is meticulously done by our outstanding professionals and we strive mindedly in delivering customized products to the complete satisfaction of the clients. This product is manufactured as per the approved Industrial standards and is test on various parameters for ensuring high quality total environment friendliness. Customer can avail this matchless turbo ventilator of the Shriya at cost effective price. Besides as you make use of these turbo ventilators you can save precious energy for the generations to come.

PAVING WAY TO THE FUTURE - Shriya FRP Industries provides a comfortable working atmosphere inside factory taping wind power and as a result increases the net productivity. Our team consisting of highly experienced and target oriented professionals are fully focused on giving you the best.

FEATURES:- Fit it & Forget.

:- No electricity - no operating cost.

:- Runs on natural wind power.

:- No maintenance - rust free, rain proof.

:- Will Increase productivity by promoting healthier and more comfortable working environment through proper ventilation.

:- Noise free, pollution free - economical & environment friendly.

:- Uniform distribution of natural daylight during daytime thus reducing power consumption replaces hot air, humidity, stale air, smoke and gas fumes with fresh air.

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